About Us

Modern marketing for horticulture

Landgard is a large producer cooperative for flowers and plants, as well as fruit and vegetables in Germany. Traditionally gathering exclusively German Produce, nowadays it produces, trades on global basis.


The oldest part of the company, which still operates as a cooperative, a fruit and horticultural association was founded in Straelen in 1910 by the timber merchant Hans Tenhaeff together with some farmers in order to set up a modern production and marketing system as a producer auction in Straelen , based on neighboring Dutch organizations. In 1914 it carried out the first auction of fruit and vegetables in Germany. In 1924, a dispatch hall was built in Kevelaer for national sales.

Other company foundings were Azalerika eG in Kevelaer for azaleas in 1950 and Niederrheinische Blumenvermarktung in Neuss in 1953 , which started auctioning cut flowers at the same time as the Straelener producer auction.
As the first merger, the UGA (Union horticultural sales markets GmbH, Straelen) was formed from the Straelener producer auction, Azalerika eG and the Wesel producers’ cooperative.

A first merger took place 1999 via a subsidiary “NBV / UGA” of the two marketing organizations NBV(Niederrheinische Blumenvermarktung eG, Lüllingen , which had merged with the former GVG from 1981) and UGA.

The current company was created in 2005 as a further merger and reorganization from NBV / UGA GmbH , expanded via the intermediate company NUC to include EVS GmbH (Producer Auction Straelen), Azalerika eG , Centralmarkt Rheinland eG ( Bornheim ), Nordwest-Blumen eG ( Wiesmoor ) and the fleurfrisch eG ( Stuttgart ).

In 2007, the producer wholesale market gardening eG Osnabrück (EGRO) and the fruit and vegetable cultivation cooperative eG Bielefeld (OGEB) merged with Landgard. This means that Landgard eG currently has more than 3,000 producers as members.

In 2017 Landgard strengthened their international operations expanding into fruit and overseas business by creating Landgard Overseas Gmbh and consecutively Landgard Latin America SAS was created in 2018 exclusively covering vital production and sourcing from Latin America.