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A delicious soup with cumin. Super easy to make and, thanks to the easy-to-make cheese croutons, just that little bit more special.

The potato towers are easy to make, provided you have a baking tin for muffins / cupcakes at home

This incredible, decadent sweet potato pie is a tasty combination of creamy sweet potato filling inside of a sweet shortcrust pastry!

Delicious with sausages or with fish!!

Making your own gnocchi is not difficult and this sweet potato variant is extra tasty and nutritious.

Vegetarian and gluten-free lasagna with sweet potato and zucchini that consists almost entirely of vegetables!

Delicious and the ingredients are simple; Potatoes and egg, which is bound together by egg and flour and flavored with salt and pepper!

A super healthy Mexican casserole with ground beef, sweet potato, kidney beans and spices.

Crispy Mexican stuffed tacos with minced meat, sweet potato and avocado.

Put this delicious Salmon with sweet potato from the oven on the table in 4 steps.

This recipe is as a lunch up to 4 people and as a main course 2 people.

Delicious Sweet potato fries from the oven. Learn how to make crispy, oven baked sweet potato fries

This soup is delicious as a light meal or for lunch!

Serve the soup with a generous scoop of Greek yogurt!